Pocket Sized Hands Favourite VR Games

July 26, 2018

Here at Pocket Sized Hands we love VR games. Whatever genre, platform or art style, if it’s on VR, we’ll play it. That’s why we thought we’d share with you our favourite ever VR games, with each member of Pocket Sized Hands choosing their go to VR game.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber - Gary (@zecbmo)

“It’s amazing fun!” - Gary

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game in which players have two sabers in which to slash different cubes that represent the beats of a song. Beat Saber, which is very much ‘Guitar Hero meets Star Wars’ includes music that is handcrafted with none of the levels being generated. The cubes you need to slash have the intended directions the player must slash from and players must move themselves to dodge the hazards which come towards them. The game is incredible unique with the rhythm VR game market being relatively untouched.

Beat Saber

Skyrim VR – David (@SerDeeGee)

“Skyrim is one of my favourite ever games, in VR, it’s even better!” - David

Skyrim came out originally 2011 to critical acclaim featuring a fully realised fantasy world. In Skyrim, players traverse a massive open world, explore dungeons, fight dragons, improve their skills, learn magics, upgrade equipment etc. In VR, players do this all from a first person perspective with the original games two handed equipment mechanic working perfectly for VR platforms with two controllers like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and GO.

Skyrim VR

Budget Cuts – Rory (@RozzaTozza)

“Budget Cuts is a great game, such an adrenaline rush!”

In Budget Cuts you work at TransCorp, a company specialising in creating robots who will steal your job. In Budget Cuts your objective is to stop these robots from stealing your job. Budget Cuts is a stealth game where players can either play the game stealthily by avoiding robots who are patrolling or play it combatively.

Budget cuts

Gorn – Phil (@PhilSmy)

“Brutally graphic, brutally fun!”

Gorn is a VR gladiator game where the player faces hordes of enemies using different weapons like swords, maces or alternately their own fists. The game uses its own physics engines with enemy’s rag dolling and with the extreme cartoon violence of the game, it creates an incredibly silly and fun experience. Players can creatively use weapons and the physics to their advantage, ripping an enemy arm off and using to beat his friend, is a sound strategy.


Dead and Buried – Alan (@Gamereat)

“Great shooter mechanics and love all the game types, I feel like a cowboy!”

Dead and Buried is a western style VR multiplayer and single player shooter in which two teams face off against each other or face hordes of computer-controlled enemies. Players can also play quickdraw games where players can challenge others to see who has the quickest draw. Players can rob trains or stop robbers from robbing trains and test themselves in the target range to compete for the high score.

Dead and Buried

They were our favourite VR games, Pocket Sized Hands is currently working on our own VR game, Flintlock Boom.

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