Phil Smy | Producer

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Phil Smy - Producer. Phil has been part of numerous game projects working with clients such as the V&A Dundee, Interpol and Hymans Robertson’s. Throughout his client work, Phil worked as a team lead and producer working with artists, designers, sound designers, programmers and phycologists. For the V&A Dundee, Phil created a 3D puzzle game, undertaking testing events with local community centres to influence the design of the game. Working with Interpol, Phil created a strategy game which at the end of the project was showcased at the International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference. With Hymans Robertson’s, Phil participated in the Abertay Challenge having to present ideas on a weekly basis to the client which Phil found to be a creative challenge. Phil has recently graduated from Abertay University with a 1st Class Honours in Games Design and Production Management. As part of his final years project, Phil organised two game Serious Game Jams within Abertay University working with St. Andrews University and the STEPPING UP project. Phil has participating in over a dozen Game Jams winning the 3rd Serious Game Jam and Placing 3rd in the Charged Hearts Game Jam. Phil took part in both the EBMC and IBM Business Challenge and got to the semi-finals. Phil has previously worked in the industry on a part-time basis with local companies Digital Sports Arena and Outplay Entertainment in testing roles.