5 Reasons to be Using VR in Training

I’m sure we’ve all received training in work at some point. For me that was sitting in an office room upstairs while an HR manager put on an unbearable training DVD. This approach to training has been around for a long time and for a lot of industries it is found to be lacking. That’s where VR comes in. VR has the potential to revolutionize training in businesses and even other industries outside of the commercial like healthcare and the police, here’s why.

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How Virtual Reality will impact Education

Education is one of the fundamental bedrocks of the world today. It’s impossible imagine what the world would look like without it. But yet for something so intrinsic to our society, the methods of teaching often feel like they haven’t evolved as rapidly as other principles. The launch of the home Personal Computer, alongside the internet, was the last big change in our education methods. We could share and receive information from anywhere instantly.

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