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Vulnerability in our lives

X NAME is all about vulnerability in our day to day lives. Experience three different scenarios in virtual reality to learn more about the types of vulnerable people you may have never even be aware of.
X NAME has been presented at events as part of a public outreach campaign ran by Northumbria Police. By using VR technology, Northumbria Police can engage young people with people who may be vulnerable to crime.

Red Flags

Red Flags

Working with Northumbria Police, X NAME focuses on educating the public on the red flags of someone who is vulnerable to possibly being a victim of crime.
X NAME teaches players about the red flags which are associated with different crimes. Players are taught about the red flags of the crimes of coercive control, child sexual exploitation and the crimes see in the night time economy.

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VR Experience

In each scenario, players experience environments created in a unique art style with realistic characters who are fully voice acted. Players can interact with objects which represent different red flags of the crimes of each scenario. Young people will take the knowledge they learn in the X NAME into there daily lives.

VR Experience


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