Kickstart: QA Tester

Role: QA Tester

Start Date: Immediate.
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent.
Holiday: 28 days including Bank Holidays.
Required education: Game Qualifications/Graduate or relevant industry experience.
Required experience: A portfolio showing your best work
Location: Dundee, remote to begin with.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a job placement for young people as part of the government’s Kickstart Employment Scheme. You can find out more about it on the following link:

We’re expanding our wee talented team! As a QA tester at Pocket Sized Hands, you will help with the functional testing of our games and making sure they are fit and ready for their release date. You will work closely with our team leads to perform tests on games that are in their beta stage, running test cases to ensure the games work as intended. You’ll also help to investigate and reproduce bugs to help determine the cause that will lead to a potential fix.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic individual who loves to play all types of games and has keen investigation skills. You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and have the ability to work in a team oriented environment.



  • You can demonstrate a range of MS Office skills
  • Avid gamer who enjoys a wide range of games


  • Experience in using Jira or similar for project planning and tracking.
  • Previous QA experience within games
  • Done open Beta testing in games before

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Analytical skills and a keen eye for detail
  • Ability to work methodically in an organized way
  • Great interpersonal skills, being able to listen to and understand problems as well as being able to give constructive support to the team
  • Friendly and approachable with a calm demeanour that supports a relaxed work environment
  • Can beat Dan, our art lead at Smash

Duties and tasks

  • Conduct manual tests daily across our range of games in development
  • Creatively explore test within games to investigate a wide range of potential issues
  • Detail accurately each test and document any steps to reproduce bugs
  • Work with the QA lead to create test plans
  • Write clear, consistent and thorough bug reports, tracking them from creation to resolution
  • Work closely with our team leads to communicate issues, bugs and blockers


Contact us at quoting the Job reference (PKT-JOB-015) in the subject and tell us why you would be great for the job along with your CV, cover letter and relevant works you have completed in the past.

We are Pocket Sized Hands, a team of brilliant, modest, boundary-pushing innovative individuals. We believe in a creative process of sharing new ideas, learning and developing new skills, and trying new things, all while working on some seriously exciting projects.

At Pocket Sized Hands, we make games together. We are committed to fostering an open, creative environment in which everyone in our team can bring their own unique thoughts, experiences and insights to the table, and we wholeheartedly welcome and celebrate people from all walks of life into our team to make our vision happen.

If you enjoy games and creating original content then we would love to hear from you.