Honeypot Espionage is an online VR multiplayer shooter, focused on stealth combat, in which you are put against other Spies in a combat arena. The last man standing wins. As a Spy, you are completely invisible, but you will begin to materialize if you move, fire a weapon or set a trap. If you don’t want killed, stay still. Think Predator meets SuperHot. The slower you move in real life the harder you are to see. You can set traps and decoys to trick other players into revealing their location to try to come out on top. Multiple game modes allow you to fight the way you want. Team up with others to break into the High Security Government buildings to steal classified documents. Guard the VIP and keep them hidden from potential assassins. Classic Death match where you use your abilities to search out others to get the first and last kills. Stay hidden, only move to Kill.



  • Stealth Based Combat
  • Multiple Game modes
  • VR Immersion


Teaser trailer YouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "World Finalists" Microsoft Imagine Cup, Seattle, 23 July, 2017
  • "Dare Academy (Formally Dare to be Digital) participant " Abertay University, Dundee, July, 2017
  • "Tranzfuser participant" UK Games Fund, Summer, 2017
  • "Nominated for New Talent Awards" DC Thomson game design awards, Dundee, September, 2017

Selected Articles

  • This trailer for Honeypot Espionage has me intriguided.
    Chet Faliszek, Tweet
  • This ('Honeypot Espionage') will turn out to be a game that’s ripe for YouTube and Twitch, especially when put in the hands of excitable or tipsy players.
    Sam Foxall, PCGamer N
  • they've only been developing for a couple of months, and it's looking pretty damn good.
    Emily Sowden, Pocket Gamer
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About Pocket Sized Hands

Pocket Sized Hands is an AR/VR company focusing on creating original content and building bespoke software solutions. Currently, we are working on our VR Multiplayer Stealth game, Honeypot Espionage as well as building innovative AR/VR software for local businesses. Pocket Sized Hands started out as a small student team and over the year has built up a core team comprising of award winning programmers and celebrated artists who have been previously worked with companies such as Pixar, Square Enix and Capcom.
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Honeypot Espionage  Credits

Alan Yeats
Technical Lead
Gary McCartan
Project Lead, Programmer
Rory Thomson
Wan Daniel
Corry Young
David Gray
George Rankin
Level Designer
Scott Calderhead