Using Snapchat To Increase Footfall for your Business

December 15, 2017

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Snapchat Lenses. Snapchat Lenses is a development tool released yesterday (14/12/17) by Snapchat that allows creatives, developers and brands access to their powerful Augmented Reality API. Now anyone can bring their ideas to life on Snapchat.

How it works

Once you have built your immersive AR experience and it has been submitted with Snapchat Lenses, it will be given a unique barcode, called a Snapcode. When a Snapchat user scans this, they will get access to your creation that they can use and share in their photos for 24 hours.

VR Applications

Sharing Experiences with Snapchat Lenses

Augmented Reality is a great way to highlight your brand, but it alone is not enough to make a dramatic increase in footfall. What really impresses is Snapchats unique culture of sharing experiences. Sharing posts between friends and family, and giving those around you a small insight to whatever you are up to. AR encourages Snapchat users to share experiences with others. Whoever visits your site/business won’t just be the target for your AR experience, but they will be sharing your creation with others within their Snapchat circle.

Use Cases:


Scotland is renowned world-wide for its folklore and heritage. From beautiful landscapes to historic castles, it has a wide range of popular tourist attractions. Anyone visiting Scotland won’t be disappointed with attractions on offer. In 2016 almost £10 Billion was spent by tourists visiting Scotland. But like all popular destinations, there are attractions that fall under the radar and locally are considered hidden gems. Snapchat Lenses can increase footfall with AR advertising. Snapcodes could be provided with advertisements/brochures that would bring to life attractions in front of potential visitors and as well, Locations could have their own Snapchat Creations that are only accessible by visiting the site itself.

Shopping Malls

Whilst individual stores can make use of AR, malls have a much wider appeal for using the technology. They can overlay information about stores, special offers, Holiday Opening times and more. Brands can create exposure by interacting with customers digitally and the unique nature of Snapcodes, means that to access these AR experiences, means that customers have to come instore. Marketing campaigns could be built entirely around AR experiences using Snapchat Lenses.


Imagine being able to go home from a day at an Art Gallery and take some of the pieces with you. With Snapchat lenses, anyone can. Art enthusiasts and Snapchat buffs can build digital art installations at home and share these pieces with their friends and followers. Smaller galleries can expand their reach and expose themselves to a wider audience by showing off what makes their exhibits stand out through Augmented Reality.

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